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Asset & vehicle finance

Purchase or refinance your business assets and vehicles to ease your company cash flow.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance allows a company to purchase an asset over an agreed timescale, on a fixed monthly payment. This tax efficient option frees up working capital which would otherwise have to be used to purchase the item outright. The revenue which the asset brings in can then be used to service the loan.

Asset finance is available on almost all business assets, both old and new, valued from £5k up to £25m. Up to 100% of the value of the asset is available in some circumstances.

A range of options offer a flexible funding solution for small to medium sized companies, including new-starts and even loss-making companies across a spread of industries.

Stock Finance

If a business has to carry stock which becomes a burden on cash-flow, stock finance can release some funds whilst you retain full control of your stock.

Vehicle Finance

The many flexible, low deposit options available can give you the control over your budgets through fixed monthly payments, with rentals and lease periods tailored to suit your needs. Take advantage of the benefits of ownership without actually owning or having to worry about disposing of the vehicle at the end of the period. Interest paid can be a trading expense, and so is deductible from taxable profits. You can also claim capital allowances.

We can also arrange finance for non-status and sub-prime (CCJ’s, arrears etc) applicants as well as those with healthy credit histories, whether you need one vehicle or a whole fleet!

What is asset finance?

Asset finance is a loan which is secured against the asset you are purchasing. It is usually used to help purchase large items such as Cars, Vans, Plant and Machinery even boats and Planes  – As long as the asset you are buying is Moveable, Identifiable, Durable and Saleable  it can be financed.

Who can get asset finance?

Any trading company who can demonstrate they can afford the repayments.

Can I borrow in a limited company?

Yes although Asset Finance is also available to sole traders and partnerships as well

What rates should I expect to pay?

Rates for asset finance are often bespoke and are determined on the type of asset, amount borrowed and the term of the finance

How long can I have an asset finance for?

Usually you would have the term of Asset finance shorter than the useful life of the asset you are purchasing therefore the term can range from 12 months up to 10 years


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