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Positive Commercial Finance provides a friendly, informed service with an emphasis on getting the right financial product for you. We offer a tailored, personal approach to give you the confidence that we are sourcing the most appropriate and cost-effective option available.

Our team of advisors have breadth and depth of business and finance experience, including an ACCA qualified advisor, and board members of property development and investment companies. We are Full Members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and an Associate of the Association of Bridging Professionals, as well as being regulated by the FCA.

We DO NOT charge any up-front fees whatsoever (unlike the vast majority of our competitors). As such, our fees are purely success based, so if we do not deliver, we do not get paid. Some brokers make a similar claim, but their fee might become due on presentation of an offer letter. Our fee is ONLY DUE ON COMPLETION. So, what have you got to lose?

If you want a fast, flexible and reliable service, try Positive Commercial Finance.

Why Use A Broker?

As an experienced broker, we can identify the most appropriate lenders after the initial fact-find. We then package the application in a way most suited to the appropriate lenders criteria and parameters. Our vast experience is an invaluable tool which you can call upon at any time.

Lenders react positively to an application via a broker as the lender recognises that the broker will offer the most suitable information in the most appropriate format, thus making the lenders life easier by smoothing the transaction. Lenders value brokers as much as the end user as it is the broker who supplies the steady flow of traffic.

Our extensive panel of lenders will give you more options and ultimately more choice. Our panel includes high street banks, merchant banks, private banks, pension funds, private funds, offshore capital and other providers of debt and equity. We can place deals with applications from those with CCJ’s and arrears, as well as those with a prime profile. Furthermore, we have access to preferential rates, deals and products which are passed on to you, the client.

Top reasons for choosing us:

Award winning brokerage

NACFB affiliated &
FCA regulated

Excellent customer
service standards

Exclusive funding lines

Whole of market coverage

No up
front fees

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