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Owner occupied

This is when the business than occupies/ tenants the property also owns the property.

What is an Owner Occupier Mortgage?

Does your business operate out of a rented property? Maybe you feel you are wasting money paying rent to a landlord allowing you to operate from their property? By taking out an owner occupier mortgage either in your name or your businesses name you could purchase your own property to trade from, which can secure your businesses future whilst also giving you an asset which will hopefully appreciate in value.

So whether you are looking at buying the commercial property you currently trade from under a lease agreement, buying a new commercial property, or releasing some cash tied up in the property to expand your business further, we can use our network of lenders to obtain the best overall deal for you.

What can an Owner-Occupied mortgage be used for?

Many of our clients use this type of loan simply to purchase the property they trade from. However, Owner Occupier loans can also be used to raise money which then can be re-invested into a business, whether it be providing cash to fund a project, modernise a production line or provide cashflow for business expansion.

You may already have an Owner Occupier Loan

With rates starting as low as 2.25% over base rate it may well be a good idea for us to research the market for you to see if we can obtain better terms. We were recently asked by a Powder Coatings Company to review their loan and we were able to source a loan nearly 1.5% cheaper than their current deal which meant they then had the option of paying a reduced payment therefore saving them cash-flow every month, or keeping the loan repayments the same which meant they would repay the loan 5 years earlier saving thousands of pounds in interest costs.

What are the key Features of Owner Occupier Loans?

Up to 75% LTV available

Some lenders don’t charge arrangement fees

Interest rates from Base + 2.25%

Up to 25-year terms

Adverse credit cases can also be funded

What information do I need to provide?

The most important piece of information we need is the trading accounts for the business. Lenders will want to be comfortable that any loan taken out is “affordable” and therefore repayable from the business’s profits. Using our many years of knowledge in the commercial finance market we are able to analyse the business accounts and present the information to the lender in a format they understand, highlighting the strengths and mitigating any perceived weakness.

Criteria Overview

  • UP TO 75% LTV
  • LOAND FROM £25k TO £50m
  • UP TO 25 YEARS

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