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Owner occupied Mortgages

Long term mortgages for owner occupiers of commercial properties. We cover the whole of the market.

Owner occupier mortgages are appropriate when a property is occupied by the owners business. This can also cover a scenario where you have a separate entity owning the building to the one that operates the business, and rent is paid, (referred to as an “OpCo/ PropCo”), provided there is a common interest in both entities. The property could be a shop, office, industrial unit, or even a pub, restaurant, hotel or care home. The possibilities are vast. We use our vast experience to facilitate the most suitable mortgage available via the high street and specialist lenders. Positive Commercial Finance has access to the whole of market via our specialist partners.

Lenders will want to be comfortable that any loan taken out is affordable and therefore repayable from the businesses profits. Using our experience in the market we are able to analyse the business accounts and present the information to the lender in a format they understand, highlighting the strengths and mitigating any perceived weakness.

So whether you are looking at buying the commercial property you currently trade from under a lease agreement, buying a new commercial property, releasing some cash tied up in the property to expand your business further or even just looking to obtain cheaper rates on existing loans, we can use our Network of lenders who are most suited your circumstances to obtain the best overall deal for you

Owner Occupier rates and fees tend to be bespoke and are judged on a case by case basis, as lenders’ asses the  perceived risk against factors such as term, loan to value, loan size, business sector and profitability of the business so no one loan is the same as another therefore it is not possible to list them all here.

How much can I borrow?

With Owner Occupier loans there are two main criteria to consider when assessing how much you can borrow:

The first is “serviceability”, which is calculated using the amount of profit your business makes compared to the cost of loan repayments. In other words, the lender has to be confident that the loan is affordable so in theory if we can demonstrate serviceability, there is no limit as to how much you can borrow.

Secondly, each lender will have a maximum level they will lend against the value of the property known as Loan to Value (“LTV”). We have lenders on our panel who will lend up to 75% of the value of a property, however, in certain circumstances we have been able to secure funding at 100% of the properties purchase price.

What rates should I expect to pay on a Business Mortgage?

The rates for Owner Occupier loans are bespoke taking into consideration factors such as Loan to value, term length of the loan and the overall perceived risk. The lower the risk, the lower the rate, and we have facilitated loans at as low as 2.25% over base rate.

How long can the mortgage be for?

Owner Occupier loans can range from 6 months to 25 years

Are Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgage payments Tax deductible?

The interest on a loan can in some circumstances be offset against your tax, however we would advise you to speak to your accountant or tax adviser.

How do Business Mortgages Work?

Business mortgages work in the same way as the mortgage on your own home. It is simply a loan secured against a property used for business purposes.

How many years trading to I need for an owner occupied commercial mortgage?

Most lenders will want to see at least 2 years trading accounts before granting a loan, however we have been able to source funding for start-up businesses by building a compelling case for lenders to demonstrate borrowers experience in the sector, and provided the business plan and financial projections are sound.

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